Heat4 detected - for gas stove

Sense recently discovered a new deice: Heat4

It seems to only come on (off and on ALOT mind you) when my gas stove is one.

How can this be, its gas. Yes there are electrical components. But why the constant on and off.

Checking current usage, Heat4 is taking 379 watts. Why is Heat4 so much - again gas stove

My gas clothes dryer has an electric igniter in it that uses 599 watts max and comes on 3 times during a regular load of laundry. I can also say that my electric over turns on and off a lot when it’s cooking, so maybe the gas igniter is being used a lot when you’re cooking? How long does it stay on for?

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Thanks… .

Checked records. It came on for approx 45-60 seconds each time but since I was cooking for 45+ mins it did this many times.

So that is probably it. Odd when it found Heat4 the most probable item (only 15%) is Slow cooker, which I dont have.


Thanks for replying

My dryer igniter turns on for 20 seconds each time, and about 5 times for each load. Granted different appliances, but here’s the stats for one load of laundry.

Hi there. One of our software engineers said that most gas stoves he has seen that have hot surface ignitors leave them on, and that they can use a few hundred watts. He agreed that it’s probably your oven!

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Today with the oven OFF, sense reported that “heat4” came on

@deputypaulatl Thanks for the update. Could you keep an eye on this in the coming weeks? Sense will continue to refine the detection after it’s first picked up, so this could take care of itself.