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Is a home theater projector undetectable by Sense? I searched the forum and there were a few mentions, but no one seems to have had any success with Sense detecting it.

A projector, similar to a TV, is in the “very difficult” category.

Switching on NDI could help.

Settings > My Home > Connected Devices > Network listening

What @kevin1 posted elsewhere applies here:

My advice would be to put it on a smartplug. A projector, like a TV, has a challenging power signature and feeding the data back to Sense via the smartplug will help with the device learning and in the long term could enable you to remove the smartplug and retain detection.

Agree, smart plug is the only solution for TVs and Projectors. Sense found my LG OLED via NDI and the power usage Sense reported was horribly off, nowhere close to what the smart plug reports.

Not sure how Sense arrives at power consumption for devices detected using NDI. Maybe from the spec for the specific device or some type of sample when it detects the device. Given the components of power usage within an LED TV or projector, I’m guessing the spec or a single sample could be way off.

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For sure … and the spec is somewhat irrelevant.

There are noticeable power usage changes when you mod the brightness and so on … on an OLED it’s more pronounced than LED backlighting.

In theory, I suppose, Sense could arrive at close approximations based on potential usage peaks (sound up; brightness up) but all those things vary so much you have to wonder how close that could be. With the smartplug data for specific models you might get somewhere but apart from the content and user settings changing constantly the real Sense gotcha with certain device types is that people change the devices as well!

I’ll use this opportunity to send out an RIP to Mitchell Feigenbaum and the HP-65.

gotta be

We turned on NDI back when it was first announced (a year ago???), and have about a dozen home entertainment devices and a dozen more computing devices of various kinds on our network.

So far, not a single device detected.

Here’s to Mitchell Feigenbaum, a brilliant and restless mind, plus a wonderful and somewhat eccentric physics professor. Had only one class with him as a grad in 1982, but it was memorable.

Based on the what I see in the forum, NDI seems to only find late model LG and Samsung smartTVs. Would love to see if other models can be found with NDI. @andy, how many of your TVs fall into the NDI sweet spot ?

All three TV should be discoverable. So far no NDI devices of any kind have been found.

Just to be clear, all three are late model LG and Samsung network connected smartTVs ? “Should” is a subjective answer and really didn’t answer my objective question. I’m only asking to test my hypothesis.

My LG is a late model and NDI did found it. I also have a late model TCL that has never been found. Your thinking seems correct, LG and Samsung are the only ones that seem to be discoverable by NDI.

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Thanks Ken !

All three are “late model LG and Samsung network connected smartTVs”,the most recent added about a year ago.

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Thanks Andy ! I guess we could put up a poll to drill down into model numbers to see if there is a pattern. I may try setting that up sometime soon.

Good idea, and glad to help out. I wish there was a way to see what network devices Sense is talking to (if any), to see why those are or aren’t showing up. When they introduced the NDI, I expected it to find a number of my devices quite quickly, but so far zip.

I have a half dozen computers, plus network connected printers, a scanner, etc. I know at least a couple of the computers can see the Sense, but it doesn’t see them.