How long before you lost interest and moved on?

Well, Myself, being an ‘experimenter’ of these so called “better” devices… is aiming to take my business elsewhere.

I (for many years!) have use The Energy Detecive” aka TED.

Just the fact that allowing us (the user) to show what the heck I WAS starting!!

Instantly had a history, ok not when hundreds of things running, but omg, my 1500kw was manually tagged as my hot tub!!!

From then on it sure as heck knew!

This device can not yet find my A/C unit, nor my hot tub!!!

Being able to identify possible devices is key.

But apparently… too damn complicated

Easy to tell them apart. Wait till they are detected on. See if they are running. If so, turn them off/unplug them and see if sense notices them turn off. If sense notices them off exactly as you turn them off, then you have the data. BUT repeat it a few times to be sure it was not just a coincidence. NOTE this does NOT work for turning them ON, since turning on is a much more complex process than OFF and might not match up with sense detection…

3 moving to 4 quickly.

Sense stopped detecting new things, so my interest is fading quickly.

Sense requires patience. I have had mine since 2017, and it has been a roller coaster.all the way. The biggest improvement was adding Wemo smart plugs to the system, which categorically identified devices, although not without some glitches. I added more solar a few months ago, which really screwed things up, and for the first time I set Sense back to factory defaults and trying to make it work right again. I expect another year or two before it is “mostly” working again. I have never achieved perfection. Its not a device for prime time millions for sure.

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My setup:

So, no, not losing interest, and it’s a good use of these old devices