How much energy does Sense itself use?



I guess, but since it’s a “known” load for a 100% known to exist device I don’t see a problem with at least reporting it.


Do you really want a tiny bubble showing 3 watts used by Sense?


Yeah. I have a tiny bubble showing 1 watt (most of the time, except when it’s actually charging) used by my Robot Vacuum


Leads to the question: Why not provide Sense a detailed list of known “always on” devices, complete with manufacturers, model numbers, etc?

Sense would be told (by sense engineers, or potentially “community”) what each would be drawing and it could subtract all of them from the always on power indication. Then we’d have dozens of “little bubbles”…in my home I created a list of all devices that draw power (142 at last count) and about a quarter of them are “always on”. It would actually be useful to know what that totals up to and how it compares with known and unknown loads.

Alternately, there could be known “always on” load and unknown “always on” load balloons.


Nothing leads to that question here Andy. You should start a new thread with your idea.


@andy: I was about to post a similar suggestion, and I do suggest that you make it a new thread. I’d love to be able to enter a bunch of always on items that I have measured separately, and have those accounted for in the sense graphs. Then I’d know how much I am actually missing from really unknown devices.