How well does sense detect various Heat Pumps?


My experience is similar, my “Other” category is pretty much just my mini-split AC. I can understand how the variable speed motors might be trickier to detect, but after thousands of samples I have to think that the model must simply not be looking for them.


So far, not so well.

Hasn’t even detected Jacuzzi pumps.


One week in and it’s only detected one fan on three hvac systems. Not so good. I wonder if Sense works better on smaller, simpler homes.


I wish it could find mine. For the first 5 months my Sense was installed it never found the air handler at all. Then I had to replace the system back in September when the old system gave up the ghost and 5+ months later it still has not acknowledged that the system is there despite running a whole lot every day for cooling and then heat the last couple of months.


I have a 3 ton split heat pump system with auxiliary heat strips. The heat pump was the first discovered for the system, meaning the outdoor unit. That unit has a condenser fan, compressor, low wattage mainboard and a reversing valve. I don’t know if it Sensing more that just the compressor but definitely the compressor is included.
It has picked up my heat strips on the inside and they are 15kw.
Nothing else from indoor air handler identified yet.