What is the ONE undetected device that you would want to have detected?


Simple reply, let Sense know the one device that you find critical or would add the most value to your experience if it was detected…


I would love to see my hot water heater.


I would like to see my 38 year old chest freezer!


I’m just going to move this into the Device Detection sub. This sub should really be reserved to topics that request a single feature.


Any of my light bulbs


I’m ok if the detected ones would just be accurate. After 8 months of support tickets, reporting device not on, deleting for re-detection, and even a hardware replacement, my system is less accurate now than it was right before my original hardware went south. And I have no historical data that’s worth analyzing for trends to save on my electrical bill wich is the reason I started with sense. To be able to measure the effectiveness of altering usage of large draws that can’t be monitored with smart plugs.

Don’t mean to be negative but that’s my reality.


Yup, and same for many other people. Sigh


I am looking to use this thread to plant the seed with the Sense folks about what people are looking for and maybe a good area to put their focus.

I see my water heater as being a potential big consumer, but I am not completely sure. As a whole, I think if folks can see the big ticket energy consumers and then develop habits to mitigate them, then Sense is doing a great job at proving its worth.

Not to take away from your situations. I am hoping they are anomalies verse the norm. But I still appreciate your feedback.


Franklin Electric constant pressure well pump. My second largest consumer and it’s blocking almost everything else.


My direct answer to your question would be correct detection and accurate logging of HVAC systems.

Mine right now are undetected because I deleted them again. :smile:


I would like Sense to find my two mini-split air conditioners


Would really like better detection of printers (I have Epson WF-3520 and WF-3640), ceiling fans (with multiple speeds), more lights (with both manual and IoT dimmers), and trickle IoT devices (smart plugs).
For printers: when they’re idle vs. active vs. off
For the fans, would be good to be able to indicate level (e.g., fan is on low/medium/high).
For the dimmers, would be good to have level of use.

Would be great to have the Always-On stuff better detected - Cable modem, Google/TP-Link Wifi, Vonage, wireless phone charging (yes, old land-line-style), DirecTV DVRs, TVs/DVDs that claim to be off but are really running “sleep” in the background, Amazon/Google home always-listening devices). Right now, I’ve added smart plugs to detect their use but it’s a pain to compile.

My main needs (BTW, per a Q from another thread, ~350W of Always-On, ~100W-~400W of Other typically) is not really about undetected devices, also about multiple items detected for a given device, and devices going on/off multiple times during one use (washer cycle, dishwasher cycle) yet being treated as different on/off for alerting/notification purposes. Basically, the detection needs to know the device’s life cycle and handle according (rather than just detecting, for example, motor bursts).

Does that all make… Sense?


Properly identify my AC components. :disappointed_relieved:


Pentair variable speed pump on my pool filtration systems


+1 on variable speed pool pump. That being said I understand that this is a tall order and I’m willing to wait.


Pool pump for sure.


I have a Prius Prime that I regularly charge. The signature is quite clear both in terms of the watts used and the way it goes on and off. I could pick it out of the pattern easily - seems like a way to tag it as a device rather than requiring Sense to have a signature for it might be useful.

And of course, detecting it would be a big plus.


My Nissan Leaf Charger!! It is a Clipper creek.


Two items keep showing up on people’s #1 wish list. Variable speed pumps and AC systems!

This despite all the prior chatter about electric cars. Hmmm.


EV charger.