What is the ONE undetected device that you would want to have detected?


.EV charger


My refrigerator, that’s it. doesn’t seem like too much to ask.


My basic 2 element water heater was one of my first devices discovered.
That would have been my request here. Next would be my electric furnace.
I installed too late in the winter season for my electric furnace to be discovered, it was lightly used anyway.
I use the aggregated data the most. I can see what wattage of undetected devices and know when my furnace it’s running. I have a clue how often they operate.
I bought sense to help me determine what home improvements I need to do, my assumptions were right. I also can count on determining if a machine is broken or being abused/over used/left on with aggregate data… Like the electric furnace thermostat was turned up.

My answer is my electric furnace. But I already know I can’t fully control it’s usage, I need to better control my home’s efficiency, electric furnace will turn on less. Detecting my furnace will happen… That would just be a bonus when it gets detected.


Chevy Volt - electric car 120v charging


+1 for variable speed pool pump

And my water heater was one of the first devices detected…should be really simple detection.


My Cadillac ELR, though similar to the Chevy Volt, probably will never happen.


Sense detecting EVs… it’s just a matter of time. Cadillac producing an electric vehicle, that is something I thought would never happen.


The charger for my Volt.

Let’s amend this now that Sense has started to pick up EV chargers… The 120 V charger for my Volt.


Variable speed well pump. This also is part of an open loop Geothermal system so its kind of a big deal…

This is simply answering the ONE undetected device question.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. Hoping this inspires so focused attention and we get some big ticket items resolved.


Mini-split A/C


I have used Sense for over a year and it still has not recognized my GE Monogram Side by Side Refrig. We travel a lot and this is the one thing I would like to keep an eye on while away.
Also would like to see it detect my Naviene Tankless hot water heater, especially the recirculating pump. Hot water line is the first to freeze so keeping the recirculating pump going is critical.
The third thing would be my auxiliary heating element for my geothermal system. When it comes on, it uses a lot of wattage.


Not to be negative but at this point I would like to see it detect something. I’m confused on why it had such a hard time detecting my 220volt ac unit. There really aren’t that many 220 volt device in a typical home so I would think that would be on the short list. It did detect a circular saw that I used one day as a motor though.

So I would answer the question with, find my AC outdoor unit.


My Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid EV charging station.


TV would be great


On the TV topic, I’m hoping smart plug integration will help with TVs. With TVs being all over with power consumption while on, they not only have to be a bear to make an accurate device signature for, they also seem to make, otherwise accurate, other devices in the home go completely inaccurate while the TV is on.

I can pretty much count on a total mess with my “now” display while my TV is on. It does make me watch less TV though… :smile:


Our fridge, freezer, induction cooktop, toaster, EV, etc.


Mitsubishi Split Heat Pump


The other leg of my 240v clothes dryer. Sense has only identified one half of the total wattage.

The overall goal should be to go after large consumption devices. If I could only get my other category be less than 10% of my total I would be happy.


I would like it to detect my Tesla Model 3. Been charging it at home since June 2018.