What is the ONE undetected device that you would want to have detected?


I would like it to detect my washing machine. It detected the dryer but not the washing machine.


My electric vehicles.

I’ve had Sense installed for over 6 months.
I’ve had my Tesla S, my Tesla X, my LEAF all of that time and nothing detected.

As a result for the year my “other” is 62% and my Always on 19.5%, and my AC at 7.2% and the rest are rounding errors.
I have no idea where my energy is really going.


I’m very disappointed that after 4 months my 240v / 27A --> 6.6KW car charging events haven’t been identified. Looking at the meter display it’s easy to identify, but Sense hasn’t figured it out yet.


Thanks for the input, everybody. We’re well aware of most of the things being posted here (HVAC, variable-speed motors, and EVs especially) and are working hard on better supporting these devices.


My hot tub. It has one always on circulating pump, one single speed jet pump, one two speed het pump and one heater.


Are any of the individual components found?

Jason Moyer


Hi Jason,

Yes. The single-speed jet pump and the low speed of the two-speed pump are found, although they are sometimes mixed up.

The high speed of the two-speed pump is not yet found, even though the pump always comes on at low speed before being switched to high speed.

The heater is not yet found.

The circulating pump is always on, so I don’t expect it to be detected separately.


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I would like Sense to find my four mini-split inside units and 1 outside unit. Heat and A/C are big users.


My electric car


EV charger.


I would love to see my pool filter and my pool Heater… Those are huge energy products that are invisible to me.


Oven, stove top, and TV are still undetected. stovetop would be ONE great addition since its used every day sometimes for long periods of time.


I have two geothermal units ( 2 ton & 3 ton). First Sense found them both and all was well. Next it confused the units, then called them both Unit 1 and now reports the second under other. Would like to get this back to original.


Washer & dryer


Wishful without technical knowledge: something I could insert between any device and the wall that would accelerate the learning of that device.

Specific devices: I would really like my computer/security monitors to be recognized - I have a lot of them and they’re difficult power loads to track with kill-a-watt. I’ve never quite figured out how much effect the displays have on my power load or how to adjust it. I’m presuming this is related to TV discovery difficulties (none of my TVs are discovered and as I have separated network traffic, the sense will possibly never see their network communications - a security vs data problem I’m struggling with.)


Try a TP-Link HS110 Smartplug. That’s what I use in my house for many of the unknowns and always ons. You can get a good picture of usage, though they don’t yet give a full time history of power usage.


My treadmill, I know the time of usage, the days and Sense never seems to identify it.


Thank you for the suggestion - I do already have several devices for direct measure. I was stating that I would love a way to ‘target’ a specific device to improve the signature detection. I’ve read enough elsewhere to know it may not be that easy, but I’m more interested in some control over speeding up the process than in any one particular item (which was the actual focus of this thread.)


My Samsung refrigerator would be nice, after 2 years of not being discovered. And the other phase of my heat pump hot water heater, which you would think would be easy since it mirrors the phase already discovered!


Tesla M3, so plus one for the EV.