What is the ONE undetected device that you would want to have detected?


Wireless devices connected to router, 2nd fridge, led recessed ceiling lights, water heater


I have 6 tv and after 2 months still none are detected.


We’re now out of cooling season until probably next May/June and Sense never did figure them out. Bummer. Hopefully the period of time between now and when they start running again won’t make it have to start over with identification.


My refrigerator, which after 2 years still hasn’t been detected. And my AC and pool pump would’ve been n ice, but the season is now over.


The other leg of my single speed pool pump followed by AC Compressor & Fan motors plus Evaporator/Furnace Fan Motor.


Boy I’ll second this one. I have two Mitsubishi heat pumps and neither will show up as a device. I thought I had one of them for a brief while but I can see that the Sense unit is not detecting it reliably. It frequently thinks it’s off when I’m seeing it running.