What is the ONE undetected device that you would want to have detected?


I have a Frigidaire 5 years Old that is detected. The heating element has not been detected, just the motor for the main pump for water pressure and spin the blades.


We have an 8 year old Bosch and Sense has found one component, the heating element.


Our dishwasher got detected (but not reliably) after more than a year. As they keep saying, “patience”.


Thanks all. So it would seem that the dishwasher is a candidate for an HS110 plug…


You’ll likely have to do some electrical work to use an HS110 for the dishwasher. Adding a receptacle box and change the dishwasher cord.


Thankfully my dishwasher is connected that way already. As is the washing machine, another candidate for the HS110. Unfortunately the gas furnace, which has emerged as a significant energy use (mostly) due to its fan, and given that we keep it on 1/3 of the time as “circulate mode”, is hardwired and there is no way to put the HS110 there without serious electrical work (if it is even possible to do it to code).


If it were me, I’d wait it out and save the HS110 for devices that are known to never be detected.
I believe sense will find at least one component of your dishwasher like the rest of have experienced.
Mine is just the pump motor and not the heater for now but I’m hopeful.


Well sense found my EV but it hasn’t detected it in a week so i guess i would say that the one device is still my EV. I know it is still learning and i know it will start detecting it again and i just have to be patient.