What is the ONE undetected device that you would want to have detected?

These aren’t well detected. Are yours 120 volt? May have to resort to smart plugs for now if they are

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yeah those are the ones I have, all over the house and yes they are way more efficient !!!

nah they are 240V I hope Sense somehow improve on the detection method for these, since they are the biggest in conniption in my house.

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My Haiku fans!

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I believe your fans are made in my neck of the woods. I always get a laugh passing the huge billboard and sign “BIG ASS FANS”. The logo depicts a jack ass with his rear facing you and head turned observing you look at his you know what. Yes, that is their true company name.


Seconded! This is my biggest consumer and is undetected by Sense.

Your treadmill is your biggest consumer?

My ONE biggest device is my EV and Sense has found it BUT seems to have a hard time actually detecting it properly. It is by far my biggest consumer of energy in my house. This is a screen shot from this billing cycle so far.

+1 on the dishwasher. It is not detected for me yet after over a year. We run it daily and often at night with an otherwise pretty electrically quiet house. This has been a surprise to me that is hasn’t been found yet.

If your running it in an economy mode where it doesn’t use supplemental or drying heat, it will be harder to detect.
I suspect undetected dishwashers are being used this way and stand a much better chance of being detected using settings for heat.

My dishwasher hasn’t been detected after more than two years and we do use heat, both to raise the water temperature and for drying. It runs daily, generally during the day when the house is otherwise very quiet. Patience indeed.

My dishwasher was detected early on but it disappeared after Support reset some of my devices.

Glad to see this thread had some longevity. Sense has done a great job in my situation with finding devices. Hopefully this trend continues.

My 2013 Chevy Volt which I had since new, and Sense still hasn’t picked it up.

How long have you had your sense?

About 3 years. My volt charges ever day off 240.

HVAC System

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I have 3 mini-split air conditioners and after a year of them running none of them have been detected.


I’d like to figure out an indirect way to know my GAS oven is on. i.e. Maybe an electrical heat sensor?

Inverter Air Conditioning Condensing unit very easy to see on the graph you can watch it ramp up then flatten out with 5 steps then ramp down very consistent on the graph