What is the ONE undetected device that you would want to have detected?

If your oven has an igniter instead of pilot then Sense will likely detect that component. Won’t help much with knowing when it turns off but at least would have the “on”.

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Thanks. I think the oven has an always on pilot but the stove top does have electric igniters.
If I start the top burners a few times would that help Sense find it?

Plasma or OLED TV would be nice if it wasn’t so impossible. I’ll have to keep using my HS110

yes the Sense box is not able to see the DC inverter mini-split air conditioners. I have 3 mini-splits in my home and Sense can’t detect any of them.

The end of this Sense blog talks about the challenges with mini-splits and what Mahesh and team are doing to solve.

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There could well be a seasonal variation in mini-split detection. i.e. You install Sense during the summer AC season and it could be harder/easier for detection than if you installed in winter. Mini-splits are pretty complex machines with highly weather/usage-dependent signatures that go beyond any particular grid or household variation, as @MaheshAtSense points out in that blog.

Whatever way you look at it, Sense thrives (needs) lots of data = energy cycles. Those cycles, for most of us, range from minutes to hours to days to Seasons and even beyond so I would stretch out my expectations for mini-split detection accordingly.

Mitsubishi Minisplit Heat Pumps

Thanks everyone for keeping this thread Alive and giving the sense team some ideas for future areas to focus on device detection!!

I would like to see my EV Charger

Are you using a 120 or 240 charger? I believe only the 240 stage 2 chargers are currently being detected.

My Rheem hybrid water heater. Sense always thinks the pool pump starts when the heat pump turns on.

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My Hayward variable speed pool pump.

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My deep well variable speed pump, which provides water for our geothermal and for domestic use. Not only detection, but ability to handle the “noise” from the pump that’s preventing Sense from accurately detecting most of my home.


My clothes drier, it some times detects it and other times it don’t, it got one of my TV’s but hasn’t done that in a while, Just wish it would be more reliable for all my devices, seems to drop them out from time to time had to put my shop water heater that heats my in floor heat on a hs110 plug because it stopped detecting it.

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Trane variable speed heat pump.


My Variable Speed Heat Pump, i would like to know if it is more efficient to run a portable heater in bedroom at night or whole house heat pump is most efficient use of power. In Summer is bedroom window AC more efficient than whole house AC. I need sense to at least detect heat pump, and hopefully the portable heaters at some point. The window AC can wait till summer, haha. Can’t detect what is not running.

My big ticket items like heat pump is very important to me.

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Definitely variable speed pool pump. The second largest consumer in my house after AC. It’s been a year since I installed Sense. However, I understand the complexity of detecting VFD based device. The trick is that all variable speed pumps use DC pulse width modulation to run 3 phase induction motor.
Particularly mine is Pentair Intelliflo 2 VST

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My well pump, which is part of my geothermal system (by far the largest energy consumer) is similar, and two years later Sense hasn’t sorted it out. Worse yet, the “noise” that the pump generates masks most of the rest of the devices in our home. Looking back thru the thread, variable speed pump devices are almost the highest frustration with Sense…only electric cars beat it.

Maybe someday…

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Yes, the high frequency noise coming from the VFD mosfets, easily can become an issue. My pool pump is >200ft away from my main panel, so it must have noise filtered out at least a tiny bit along the 200ft path. Cause my device detention rate inside the house is pretty good - about 40 devices so far. However, the pool lights and the landscape lights, both has been detected as well, and everything hooked up under the same subpanel where the pool pump is operating - On/Off state detection is extremely poor. How far is your well pump from you main panel where Sense is installed?

@andy, you definitely deserve that pump detection