Icons for New Appliances

An Appliance that’s missing is a water dispenser otherwise known as “The Bubblier” a common meeting space for the average office worker before the pandemic. I’d like to put in a request to include them in the next round of updates.


I would use the icon from the water heater from the heating section… or the humidifier.

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Maybe for now… but I’d hope for a future release to have it added only because it’s one of the few groupings of appliances that have multiple power consumption rates. Just in my case, when the hot water heats up it’s 480w, cold water 80-120w (I have two, one more efficient then the other), I wonder if it even has an always on? One of mine has a light that I always keep on. Does anyone know if it messes up identifying later down the line as our monitors supply device data? Like is it an automated process that will auto populate the database in the future or can someone at the back end make the correction if notified?

From my understanding it depends on the detection type. I wish they released more details about the detection types and what can be tweaked on their end.