Integration for Home Automation


That would be best handled by reaching out to support. You can contact them via


Will do, thanks


With Sense adding a Data Sources option to Settings, I’m beginning to wish for other Data Source options that would connect to other power analysis sources in my house. Sure, Sense has to make Network Detection work reliably first. But once that’s done wouldn’t it be great if they could tap into these sources:

  • Zigbee/Zwave output of your SmartMeter and solar inverter to do calibration, correction and fault/error detection. Could come via WiFi/ethernet bridges that are typically used to connect this data to the cloud.
  • WiFi based smart plugs that could report on power use of a single device or set of devices. This could be used to give greater granularity within the Always On bubble, or to correlate devices turning on with their observed signature.
  • Smartgrid enabled devices - there’s a new standard for managing power in home devices called ANSI/CEA-2045 coming down the pipes. Could get interesting


Agreed. I have X-10 and Insteon devices, controlled by Insteon software. Sense should be able to read the on and off commands and coordinate that with its own data to learn devices faster.

Randy Kaempen


Ditto. Just installed Sense and I would like to link it to SmartThings.