Is there active work on new EV devices?

My impression (from the lack of communication otherwise) is that work on detecting new EV devices has stopped; that is, no one is, at the moment, working towards this goal.

Is this accurate?

I think it is always good to be upfront about such things as it minimizes confusion and disappointment. (For example, if someone has been working for months on end on the problem without any more successes, then that would be concerning in its own way!)


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I know they have done some work on the Tesla, but I think the algorithms are based on quantity. I don’t see my FIAT 500 with a GE charging station being identified anytime soon. But in Device Detection, it is currently learning an Electric Vehicle. It’s been learning for about a month.

I’m sure there’s some logic to which devices they did first but quantity must not have been the only factor. The Nissan Leaf is the best selling of all EV models and was not covered! In any case, my question is really just whether active work on supporting more models has stopped.

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Hey Wes,

Our data science team has been working on improvements to the general detection system, network device identification (eg. connected TVs) and more. Many Sense users have seen these improvements in the form of devices being detected that had gone undetected for quite sometime.

This work means that additional EV detection models are temporarily on the back burner. That being said, our data science team has been growing and resources will shift back to tackling additional EV models in the near future.

@skunkpilot, I do want to mention that the ‘Currently learning’ section is a bit out of date and does not always accurately show what will be detected. That is something on our list as well. Sorry for any frustration with that.

Ok thanks for the update!