Is there an amps chart?

Does anyone know if there is an amps chart? I’m fairly certain I’m getting close to my panel’s max of 200amps but would like to know how close I have come to it. I’m assuming there isn’t because you’d need the voltage of each circuit to calculate them but wanted to ask anyway. Thanks.

There’s no Amps chart, but there are ways to get a pretty good swag. First off, a 200 Amp residential (split-phase) service is really 200A per leg, but you should really only ever max out at 80% of that or 160A per leg. The math is simple if you look at the power per leg in Settings > System > Mains. Just divide those two numbers by 120V (the actual measured voltage number is also right there). Look at those when you are near peak usage.

Is that a valid way to calculate amps though by simply dividing the watts by 120? I thought it depended on the mix of 240v & 120v appliances that are running. Here are two scenarios running at the same power but showing different amps.

1.) Toaster running at 1200 watts. Amps = 1200w / 120v = 10 amps
2.) EV Charger running at 1200 watts. Amps = 1200w / 240v = 5 amps

You can divide by 120 if you use the approach I mentioned - dividing the power on each leg by 120. The power for a 240V device, like EV charging will be split between both legs. So in your example, the toaster is 10A on just one leg. The EV shows as 5A on each of the two legs - that’s 10A total. And as I pointed out earlier, you’ll want to look at power/amperage for each leg against the 200A (really 160A) limit.

Great, thank you. This seems like such a simple feature that could be implemented in the app to show if your panel is close to being oversubscribed.