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As someone who loves this device and works for a utility and is interested in making sure people use it and have reasonable expectations of what the can and cannot yet identify, is it possible for sense to release a list of what devices or types of devices a model exists for? Example I have a 2012 Prius plugin car and I assume there is no model yet made by the data scientists for this charging so I don’t expect sense to find it yet. I assume there is types of motor models and types of heat models but I don’t know how many or types of models exist so I’m not sure what devices I should assume will not be found at this time.

My goal of this request is to set appropriate expectations of what I won’t see found and as the list is updated, set expectations that new devices might be found

My experience so far:

  • AC fixed speed motors (everything from HVAC to refrigeration, to vacuums, to garage door openers, etc.)
  • Simple resistive heating elements - Keurigs, electric cooktops (single setting), ovens, dryers, water heaters, toasters, etc.)
  • Florescent, incandescent, halogen lighting. Some people have also seen LED light detection but I haven’t (outside my Hues)
  • Microwave ovens
  • Sense detected my last laser printer, but I think that was the heating element.

Special custom models

  • Hue lighting
  • Some smart TVs - Via NDI
  • 3 models of EVs

More dodgy:

  • Variable speed motors - others might have more specific
  • DC motors - DC garage door motors
  • General electronics with power supplies (PCs, stereos, non NDI TVs)
  • All other EVs and car charging - Sense working on new flavor of detection for this.
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