Maytag M8RXEGMA*00 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Make: Maytag
Model: M8RXEGMA*00 (M8RXEGMAB00 = Black, M8RXEGMAW00 = White, M8RXEGMAS00 = Stainless)
How identified: Sense Identification

Additional Comments: THIS INCLUDES ONLY THE REFRIGERATION CYCLE - DOES NOT INCLUDE POWER USAGE FROM THE DEFROST CYCLE, ICE MAKING FUNCTIONS, ETC. My specific model is M8RXEGMAB00 (Black) but should be the same for white and stainless versions. Note that the compressor model numbers are different for the M8RXEGMA_01 and M8RXEGMA_02 models and therefore may have different power signatures.

Power Specs: Power specs or link to product information
Main Product Label

Compressor Label

Condenser Fan Motor

Detailed View:
I typically see a draw of about ~380W for a second, which includes a spike of ~1100W. Once the compressor has been started, it usually settles around 98W relatively quickly. The length of the overall cycle can be as short as ~10min, up to over an hour.

Daily View:
(Multiple views shown to demonstrate day-to-day variation in cycle duration and frequency)

Waveform Source. Device Power Meter (iOS App)


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