Metering problem?


New to Sense and I have been cross comparing sense vs what my utility says I am using and I was wondering if anyone here could sanity check me.

I had a 7.7 Solar System installed and activated December 26th and my power bills haven’t been significantly different.

I am going to call my utility company once they are open on Tuesday but it seems that from the Sense app my, “from grid” number is the number my power company is billing me on. (I attached snippets of the actual last 3 days to right of the graph from the utility company) I don’t see my, “to grid” numbers being factored in at all. (I am supposedly metered)


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Bills or bill?
I assume bills should log the “To Grid” somewhere but this can be (AFAIK) an annualized credit. A “true up”. Different states have different rules and your solar agreement with the utility should have that in clear language.


I would concur with your thoughts - the utility graph is only showing “from grid”. Two theories on what might be happening.

  • Your utility credits your “to grid” production separately from the cost side as @ixu suggests.
  • Your utility net meter hasn’t been switched over yet.
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Thank you! You are correct!

I was able to figure out that the daily usage from the utility company doesn’t factor in my to grid power.

It instead gets deducted once the bill is generated and carries over as you said.

I was able to pull up a guide to better understand my bill moving forward.


That’s good news - please share as you accumulate more data and get credits back. I would love to update this table with your story (Sense is very accurate, but some utilities separate “from grid” and “to grid”)

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