Solar Metering vs Utility

Ok, so my solars been on for a few days. I have three ways to measure my output….see below…

The Sense app and the solar app are fairly similar…I would venture a guess within their tolerances. But the Utilities meter is saying something different…thoughts? What should I do? I realize there is a touch of delay, but these were within less than a minute…

It’s 1KW off….

SRP Meter

Both the Sense and Solaredge apps.

The meter can only measure the energy between the grid and your home.
In the picture your home is using 0.911 kW
As sense is showing 5165W is being exported to the grid, your meter says 4917W
5% difference


Ahh, makes sense…thanks

also your smart meter looks to support zigbee some utilities will enable it for customers, you can pull values directly from the meter via zigbee wireless.