Mini Split


Recently Device 1 and Device 2 (wife calls them thing 1 and thing 2) showed up at the same time. After several weeks of observation their pattern (almost identical) is a cycle, on every 45 minutes for appx 20 minutes, each with an average usage of 29w.

Fairly certain they are related to our mini split AC/Heat unit as they go away once I turn the circuit breaker off for that unit.

Thing is we have not turned on the mini split system this season as we heat with wood. Perhaps someone can validate my conclusion that this power is just being used by the units standby mode.

Guess my question, in an attempt to contribute to the Sense collective, is why there are two devices (perhaps one for the inside unit and one for the outside unit?) and what would be an appropriate Sense name for them?


I’ve not yet figured out how each and every device is seen by Sense, but a mini-split could be as many as 4 devices and possibly many more…

yes, there is an outdoor device (condenser) and an indoor device (evaporator)… those are the basic pieces, but the energy signature could be much more… the condenser has a fan and a compressor, those could come up as different devices… the indoor unit could be a single head (evaporator) or could be multiple heads (evaporators in more than one room)… each evaporator has controls and fans, those could be separate devices in Sense as well…

some of these mini-split systems have advanced controls… they can be setup to circulate air in the room even when the unit isn’t running… “air mixing” is what I’ve heard it called in certain circles…

29W is not enough for the compressor to be running… such a low wattage could be a fan and related controls… supports more of “air mixing” rather than running… without specifics of make/model, its the best advise I could give… running every 45min for 20min cycle, could be just mixing the air in the home or room…

hope this helps…


I found that my 1800 btu Gree minisplit draws a constant 75 watts in use or not. Since I only use this unit for air conditioning I flipped off the breaker until next cooling season. Sense has not detected the mini split but it’s current is monitored by an independent c/t (part of my demand load controller).


Sense has likely found the compressor sump heater for your mini splits. This heater keeps liquid refrigerant from pooling in the compressor sump. It turns on when the compressor cools to below 80F or so. This is common in heat pump units that operate during the wintertime.


Exactly what I was going to say. It’s another phantom load most people don’t know about or understand until a device like Sense brings it to their attention.

Turning off the breakers to any outdoor condenser units during the months they are not used will remove this load. Just be sure to turn the breaker back on 12 or 24 hours before you plan to need them again in order to let the heating element do it’s thing and bring them back up to operating temperature beforehand.


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Thanks for the feedback, I wish Sense was the device that detected that load. I actually found it during a data audit of my demand load controller. It has dedicated c/t sensors for my 4 major loads in my panel. Hopefully someday Sense will detect these mini split units.