Move Sense Between Panels

This is how things were before we got Solar, and Sense was installed inside the House panel, and has been working ok.

Mains → Outdoor Mains Breaker → Inside House Panel

Then we had solar installed and since the house panel had no free breaker slots, they had to install a new sub panel outside. Now that it’s installed, it seems they just installed it “above” my house panel in the electrical line.

Mains → Outdoor Mains Breaker → Outdoor Panel → Breaker to Inside House Panel
→ Breaker to Solar

I want to add solar sensors to my Sense, so I’m thinking I can just move it to the new outdoor sub panel, attach the solar sensors to the lines out of the solar breaker, and attach the main sensors to the main lines coming into the top of the panel.

Does this make sense?
Will I need to reset my Sense data because I moved it, or should it all still work as it does now?

The formatting didn’t come through, but the → Breaker to Solar is inside the Outdoor Panel.

@flashy, you can try the to move as described - it sounds like you are going to hook the sensors to the same mains they run through today, though without photos, it’s hard to be sure. But any time you move your Sense CTs and power leads, there’s a pretty good chance you might reverse polarities or phase relationships between the voltage and current measurements, which can lead to the need for re-configuration. You might need to run through the Sense reconfiguration process in addition to solar setup after you move. If you don’t get the move right (some things get reversed), it might be better to start over because detections on one phase (L1) aren’t the same as the same device on the other phase (L2).

Thank you for the information.
The house panel mains where Sense was attached were being fed from a breaker in the solar subpanel. I’ve now moved the CTs up to the mains of the solar subpanel and attached the new solar CTs to the breaker feeding the solar system.
Perhaps I got lucky, but it looks like all of my devices are detecting just as they were before. After running the solar setup, it also seems to be working correctly, so all is good.

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