My Power Bill

I know this doesn’t go in this category but…

Last few months my local power company has been doing some “sense like” detections and sending me what they are finding in my electrical usage. They have put smart meters in many years ago but only just started doing this now.


What happens when you click on “your home”. Did you at some point give them an appliance list of sorts? I’m sort of guessing that they are guessing based on common usage and some data they got from you at some point.

Pretty cool - which utility ?


That takes you to a customization - very similar to sense (i.e. what type of appliances do you have, how big is your home etc)

Good for them. It would be very interesting to know how they can show individual devices.

One way of building that list is just taking your total usage and dividing it up based on “average household” without actually doing anything particularly smart on the “detection” front. A bunch of post-processing based on weather and grid usage and so on. Entertainment? Everybody watches TV?

Of course the other way to build it would be to license Sense tech! Yay!


Oh, and having posted that @deputypaulatl, you absolutely have to post a list of Sense’s breakdown … an Always On compare at least.

Andy, that appears all they are showing/all the categories. Pretty high level

IXU… will do. Detection is progressing. Let me get that stable and a full month for each

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My power company (Duke Energy) has started doing this as well. I haven’t looked to see how close it is to Sense yet.

This stuff gets fun.

Quick poll: Anybody think these Utility stats come anywhere close to Sense’s detection intelligence? Do you believe the breakdown?

When Liberty Utilities bought the region I live in, they installed wireless meters that they can reach from their roving cars, but they’ve not enabled homeowners to access the data yet…they keep saying that’s coming soon. Clearly, this is a trend in the industry.

@ken looks like Duke Energy uses the same software as me (Georgia Power). Our screen shots look very similar :slight_smile:

Yes, other than wording they are identical. To bad their App doesn’t provide this data. We have no access to the detail data from the smart meter.

So check this out. I can go on to GA Power to look at my usage.

I looked at the last few days. The attached graph is from GA power

For the same days here is what sense had (note sense uses the ~ indicating approx):

8/23 $4
8/24 $5
8/25 $4
8/26 $2
8/27 $3

Pretty close except maybe 24th

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I looked at he week before both GA Power and Sense. The numbers were not as close

When you say they were not as close, how much difference is there?
Which showed more or less usage?
This is how Sense compares on a daily basis with my utility
I wish we had the access that you all have to data from your meters
Oops! Didn’t mark out the account number. Hopefully nobody has my electric turned off on me :smile:

Actually not as bad as I thought. I looked at Aug 18th and it was $2 off. That was my first full day of sense.

8/18 GAPower: $7 Sense: $5
8/19 GAPower: $4 Sense: $4
8/20 GAPower: $4 Sense: $3
8/21 GAPower: $5 Sense: $4
8/22 GAPower: $5 Sense: $4

So playing around on GA Power website (something ill be honest I never did in this depth) I was able to run an annual report. It showed more details than my original screen shot. If yall want to see it I can post it…

I would expect the first day to be off quite a bit considering the utility meter was measuring from midnight while Sense would have started after the calibration.
I’ve always been very happy and impressed with Sense numbers. I have an idea of what my bill will be about a week before the bill comes out.

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