My Sense report on the Heat Pump is acting strangly


Last Spring when I first installed my Sense I saw some strange behavior from the Heat Pump report. It would run for many many minutes and some times the energy reported 15KW during this time. I removed the secondary stage and things seemed to work well.

Then it was hot weather time and I was running the AC. Every thing seemed to report as expected. No problems with the AC during this time.

Now that I’m using the Heat Pump again I am getting a
few strange results. Some times the report says the HVAC reports the system has shut down after only 10+ sec. I can definitely hear the Heater is still running.
Energy consumption appears in the Other column. Also the 15KW spike appears to have returned. It appears usually during the 2nd cycle of the day (around 7 AM). So far I have had no temp (outside) below 50F. I am no longer getting reliable power readings on the HVAC system.

To review my home is an all electric. Electric HVAC. 9KW solar seems to be running well. I do live in the desert where its mostly sunny. Also I have a 2015 Volt which I charge directly from the Solar sub panel.

Carol :open_mouth: