New to Sense, trying to identify HVAC

You’re right - I’m trying to do similar. Trying to optimize floor heating vs gas furnace heating downstairs. The electric is more eco-friendly (100% renewable) but much more expensive most of the time. Looking at using electric (mostly) until 3PM when Off-Peak ends, then moving to gas. In the summer, hoping to use stone floor as a cooling thermal mass in the morning so I only potentially need AC late in the day for short periods.

Well my unit is up as of last night so they did straighten it out.
Your plan is simalir to what im doing. I dont have solar or gas available but looking to get a 370 a month bill down. I also have a hot tuband would love to know what it cost in winter. Im in NC so not real bad winters here.
I have found a great % of ac cost is actually devoted to dehumidifier more than actual cooling. Your floor should make a big difference.

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