Next gen sense: CTs for neutral and ground

For the next generation of sense, whenever it comes, and should the chipset support the data rates, I think many many people would benefit from having current transformer clips for neutral and ground. Specifically separate neutral and ground, probably even if sense is installed in the panel where they are bonded. Probably even voltage taps?

Why? Well, while going through my own crazy power quality issues, sense has been absolutely invaluable. It’s still not enough on its own. I’ve had to painstakingly use my multimeter to catch certain transient faults, like measuring the huge voltage across ground and neutral (which should NOT exist). It’s very hard to rule things out that can cause a transient intermittent fault without full data for ground and neutral. If I did have the current and voltage data for neutral and ground, it would have saved me a few months worth of work. For example, it would rule out anything downstream of the service entrance cable itself.

Right now, the power company has installed a fancypants power quality analyzer right upstream of our meter. If you’re familiar with some of the higher end electrical tools, you’ll know how much they can cost!

Imagine if sense could do all of that at 1/10th the cost!

(Would it even make any sense to have a voltage tap for ground?! What would we be measuring with respect to?)