NuHeat NVent Historical?

NuHeat has an open API similar to Ecobee. Perhaps there’s enough interest in floor heaters to consider something similar to Ecobee Historical for use by the data science team.

ps: Right now, my floor heating seems to get detected, at least part of the time, as my Dryer.

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I would love this to be bumped up in the priority list … here’s my rationale:

  1. Electric radiant floor heating is notorious for being left on unnecessarily … especially in the luxe world where it can fight against AC in the cooling season while nobody is watching.

  2. For those with underfloor heat (me) it can be a big chunk (the biggest) of electrical usage.

  3. Floor heat is undeniably the best way to heat spaces (heat rises!) but there is a gotcha: concrete slab construction is a major carbon contributor. The more data the better on that front.

  4. Sense Saves needs some good stories of how integrated heating/cooling logic and awareness can save real money.

  5. I’m currently swapping out my old offline Watts Radiant thermostat for the NuHeat Signature (wifi) and if I have to I’ll continue with the solar CTs from my second Sense on the floor heat circuit … but it would be nice if Sense could “go native” on this!

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All true…
I caught my new radiant floor system going on in one room during AC season because of my incomplete programming. Sense saved me from my mistake.

I’m looking at two options for smart thermostat replacement for my ancient floorboard heaters - either “off-label” usage of a NuVent Signature or the relay trick with Ecobees that @CommanderB has suggested.

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I’d love to hear from others on this. If you have NuHeat, please like the initial post. It’s tough to justify the dev work for an integration that’d only benefit a few people.

For the record, the Nuheat (and other) thermostats are versions of the OEM OJ Electronics. Prior to understanding that I had a hard time finding out whether there are variations in hardware in the “Signature” series … Nuheat doesn’t list OJ model numbers.

I just purchased a “Nuheat Signature” (from G&G in NYC) marked on the box with:

  • Type: NU-BEST-4999
  • UPC: 62071300171

Internally it marks the manufacture date as 03/2019.
It seems to be the OJ UWG4-4999 with EAN 5703502900520 though the Nuheat plastic cover varies from the “standard” UWG4 Microline. Such is the nature of modern manufacturing.