One chart says +3000 and another ~+750 for same device

Assuming that’s true, as a user I’d find that to be poor interface choice. I’d prefer we see the same data for a device regardless of where we are looking at it. :slight_smile:

Alternately, that Power Meter number might be quite useful if we had a better handle on what it was. I think several folks had been looking for peak power numbers for various devices for sizing their generators. That might be a reasonable measure or peak power. Or not !

I’m one of those people too. I’d love Sense to provide peak numbers seen during inrush and such, but I’d want the same values in both locations or at least available under the device stats.

In fact I made a request for this data a while ago…

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I just wanted to give a heads up that I reached out to the relevant people here about this. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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Thank you, sir. :beers:

This is still a present issue, as you noted @scorp508. It looks like there was some confusion about scheduling a fix for it, but it’s logged and we should be able to dedicate resources to it soon. While it looks small, it is a pretty demanding issue in terms of time and effort, so a fix might not be immediate but it’s in the queue. I’m aware that’s not the best news in the world…

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Thank you, I appreciate you looking into it. I can appreciate how complicated sometimes the smallest looking things end up being. Hopefully it is getting the appropriate attention level given it kind of breaks the fundamental primary use of the product. :beers:

@RyanAtSense, I’m glad this is being looked into. Let me add to this discussion, as I’m having a similar issue. My heat pump is recognized by Sense, and shows up on the main meter and is tagged with “Heat Pump +2896W” (or so) on its way up to using 6kW or so, and tagged with “Heat Pump -2764W” (or so) on its way to cycling off (screenshot attached). So Sense is clearly recognizing it as a device using several kW. However, in the Devices view (and in the Bubbles), the Heat Pump consistently shows up as using only 2W when on, with the remaining several kW in Other. I reached out to support, but they (Tadhg) were befuddled by this behavior (but noticed some noise in my system and had me reset my clamps, which they said improved the noise).

Thanks for chiming in. I’ll pass this along as well.

@RyanAtSense any minor updates on this a quarter later? :slight_smile: I hope CES is treating the team well.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner on this. Totally got lost in the shuffle. Not great news/not terrible news: work has been scheduled but was pushed out. It’s definitely on the radar still.

Thank you for the update. :beers: A product’s fundamentals have to be right before trust can be earned. I hope this receives appropriate priority over other newer more sparkly bits. :slight_smile:

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Is this screenshot what your talking about? It happens very quickly and the spikes aren’t always caught by sense where the are visible every time on my timeline.i also can’t drag my timeline graph back and forth so that that spike will show in the wattage at bottom right.