Only one AC detected

Hello all. I installed the Sense monitor about 1 month or so ago. I noticed that it has a hard time detecting my devices. My house is only 16 years old with solar. It took about a week or more before the first device was identified. After a month, it only ID 6 devices.

One of my biggest energy usage are the 2 central ACs (one for upstair and for downstairs). So far, it only ID the downstairs AC which cycles more offend while the up stairs tends to run for hours before shutdown. Is there a way to help Sense along with IDing the upstair AC?

Thank you.

Are your two AC units identical, or are they different model numbers and/or brands?

I have exactly the same problem - I have two Acs and only one is detected

A month is not long in Sense-time for certain devices, especially the seasonally and weather-variable ones.

Short answer: wait.

Longer answer: You seem to have some success with Downstairs, likely based upon the number of cycles the unit has gone through. Call that “D”. Try and extrapolate from the limited number of cycles the Upstairs unit has gone through. Call that “U”. In some simplified Sense universe you may expect the Upstairs detection after Dx30/U days.

Then again, Winter comes.

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It took a while for Sense to find my AC units back in 2017, and when it did, it found a few extras… Fortunately, but 2019, when I replaced both my compressors with near equivalent replacements, it was pretty fast to find them.

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