Options for different bill cycles?


My energy bill seems to be on a 30-day cycle instead of ending on a specific date each month. Would anyone else benefit from more bill cycle options? Is this something Sense can add in a future release?


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Our cycles here are almost never the same two months in a row. It seems to be when our power company gets around to driving their little trucks past our homes to get a meter reading. Some bills are 30 days, some 29, some 32… it’s all over the place. :man_shrugging:t3:


PG&E, or another utility ?


Yes, actually, same here. Except we have smart meters so no one has to come read it in person. I’m sure BGE has a formula for determining bill cycles, but I haven’t bothered figuring it out.


PSE&G in NJ is equally weird, here’s the number of days between bill cycles in the past 12 months,

32, 30, 32, 29, 29, 29, 33, 34, 28, 30, 29


Guess where I live here in Kentucky we are slow enough that formulas are too difficult. Read date is always first of the month. Guess that’s why Sense predictions for my bill are always so close


My cycle is on whenever the Utility Company (Centerpoint Energy) feels like sending the meter readings to my provider (Greenmountain Energy) and I end up with something like @perze.ababa mentioned above.

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I have the same issue with Duke Energy, 32 days this period, 30 last and so on. I start and end date would be nice or start date with number of days in billing cycle.


+1, XCel does the same thing with our bills, changing the exact dates every month


Our Utility, Alameda Municipal, also bills on a 30-day cycle. Does make it confusing when my wife asks for the December bill, “which one?” I have to change the billing date every month that doesn’t have 30 days in it to keep everything straight. But this is such a step up from the Black and Decker Whole House Power Monitor I used before.

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