Other Category Grows to nearly 50% after 2 years

I’ve been using sense for 24 months and the progress in the AI seems slow. My “Other” category dropped steadily as new devices were found for the first months but now the other has grown and represents 30 percent of my total energy on a month to month and continues to grow. I was wondering what members of the sense community are seeing? One of the reasons for this increase in other energy is the way sense detects off state. I have a freezer that is located in an unheated garage and it’s energy consumption follows the outside temperature. Sense can’t see the unit due to its long run times in summer. I put a timer and established a 120 minute cycle time. Sense then found the freezer but reports the run time as 45 minutes and it keeps dropping in time. Sense sets the freezer off and keeps using shorter run times. I deleted the device in an attempt to reset but sense found the freezer and set the runtime to the old value of 45ish minutes instead of 90 minutes and continues to drop the on time. This early off also afflicts many devices as well and so the other category grows rather than shrinks.
My other category is now approaching 45% of the monthly total for this month continuing the growing trend. There are 3 devices that are contributing, and all three of those devices have been detected and now have been forgotten.

I [@keithmclaurin] was wondering what members of the sense community are seeing?

For this month, I have

  • other: 46.3% (for this week though, I'm at 52.7%)
  • Always On: 34.5%
  • Fridges: 7%
  • smart plugs: 2%

My big items, Sense struggles with:
  • Sense has never detected my Tesla Model S charging
  • Sense has never detected my variable speed poop pump
  • Sense can sometimes detect my fixed speed aux poop pump
  • Sense can sometimes detect components (heat, motor, pump) of my dishwasher, washer, and dryer; but usually doesn't

That's OK; I still have found Sense immensely useful, and look at my overall consumption and solar generation several times a day, and have found/fixed several issues based on the info it provides, and optimized my energy consumption.
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My other has also increased lately and my detections much less reliable. I had a couple changes that coincide with these changes. I put in a new washer and dryer set and Christmas decorations are up.
Wonder if others have the same going on. Like the electrical landscape has changed enough that it’s giving the monitor some difficulty.