Power all weird, comparison base?


Two more snapshots to post, that should help.

From the app, not the web app, go into the Devices list and click on the mystery “Water Heater” that has been detected. At the bottom of the device card, you’ll find the Power Meter for just that device. Share a detailed waveform from that, and perhaps a less detailed view that shows usage within a full day.

Also share your Always On usage in the Day view.


There is nothing wrong with your main, they won’t always be the same from each leg, 900 watt difference is not a cause for concern.
As far as a problem from your power company, you can request them to test. They are legally required to here without charge, once a year. They have tested mine and recorded a week of information after changing the meter. The only problem I ended up with is me. We just use a lot of electricity. Our small 1600ft home with 4 people ised 2050 KWH last month. We consistently have higher bills than all our neighbors.
That screenshot of the timeline looks like a heating device on the right hand side where it’s pretty level but the beginning looks like a motor or compressor.
@kevin1 suggestions for more pics would help


This is not necessarily likely to solve your mystery, but i’d recommend putting HS110 smartplug a on your UPS and any other places where you have a concentration of electronic gear that Sense is not likely to discover and track on its own. I have one on my network rack, office desk, entertainment center, etc. It’s been very helpful in getting a better overall picture of energy usage.


The HS300 is also good for things like racks and entertainment centres.
It has the additional benefit of including a surge protector.

@samwooly1, wow, I have a 1500 sq ft home with 4-6 people and don’t use that much in summer. The highest reading I have in the last 5.5 years in 1200KWh. In Winter it is about 400-600.

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@jonhawkes we use more energy in
The winter. My summer are much lower.

I think it’s mainly lifestyle and behavior

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And cost of electricity, plus heating sources (gas vs. electric)

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I’m waiting for sense to detect my wife. She will be cold here and turn the heat up. Then she goes to the gym and comes home and she hot so turns the A/C on.
Running both heat and air back and forth on the same day drives me nuts.


Desert areas often need heat at night and A/C during the day. The lack of clouds causes wild temperature swings.


There’s detailed view of the “Water Heater” meter.

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It appears to me to be running a lot. It runs more than mine and I have hot water recirculation. What really sticks out is the length of time it’s running. Mine rinse for 5 minutes at a time if it’s just keeping water hot and nobody is using it in intervals from 1-1.5 hours.
You could have a leak or a crossover problem

Taking a second look the wattage is too low for a tank heater. Do you ha be a hybrid?

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Looks a little like the Instant Hot Water Heater in my kitchen sink. Same rough wattage, but your on cycles are longer. Do you have an in-sink Instant Hot Water heater, space heater or baseboard heater anywhere in your house ? More likely a water heater since the cycle would vary more with day night cycle with a space/baseboard heater.

If you can’t figure it out, turn on an alert for the Water Heater when you have a little free time, and see if you can figure out what pops on when you get the alert.

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When I look at his power meter it’s running consistently day and night. Does your instant hot water do that?


Yes, it does. I really should put on a timer. Mine has a very regular heating heartbeat, just like @jeffcook2150 's. The only time it gets a little irregular is when we use water from it - cycle gets longer. I wouldn’t have ever figured out what it was if it hadn’t been for setting an alert, then hearing the slight noise of the heating coming on…


I’m really surprised about how much electricity they use. Now I don’t feel so bad about my recirculation system as it appears your using a lot more electricity than I am to have instant hot water.
And mine covers the entire house