Power Quality - Failing Phase

One of my phases started failing a day or two ago, I was able to determine it because at one given point only certain places in the house had electricity. Upon calling an electrician he verified that this was the issue but it was coming from either the meter or the power line itself.

I called the power company and they are heading out here today to check. Hope all this is sorted out.

Sense was able to reflect this but it took 24 hours for it to show so I was not certain, now I am.

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Hey there @aleont - glad you managed to catch this. Can you let us know what your utility finds when they come out to inspect the issue?

Hey @JustinAtSense power company came over and the terminals of where the wires that come down from the light pole to the meter itself connect to, were rusted down. They swapped the base with a new one, peeled off the wires a bit more, tightened them down and reconnected the meter and all seems stable now.

Edit: Adding picture to see how it normalized after they fixed it.