Power Quality - Frequent Dips with No AC

Hi all, I am here struggling with power quality issues in a rural (not remote) town in Minnesota, we are near the end of the line for power distribution with Ottertail 120/240 2-phase service (appears to be two wire 10k volt setup).

The utility has replaced all connections from the transformer to our power mast, inside our panel and service feed was replaced (for upgrades, unrelated to issue) and quality hasn’t improved completely.

Original issue we had before we starting monitoring the power quality was dimming/flickering of lights usually during peak times in hot temperatures, our utility feels the issue was caused by increased usage during our hot spring & summer but since 6pm Monday Sept 7th our air conditioner has been off completely due to cooler weather and the power quality is still questionable.

All power connections are tight in the house and at the power panel (unknown about meter box/panel).

Our Utility claims they installed main line power regulators in our town to alleviate any power dips or spikes, I have a suspicion they might be defective aside from heavy loads from the Substation to us (lots of farms and animal barns).

Do you folks have any input or advice on what we are seeing on our power quality graphs?

Are you seeing any Power Quality events (Voltage Dips and Spikes) ? They should be listed below the Power Quality waveforms. The overall 24 hour statistics don’t look bad (averages, max sustained and min sustained). But it also looks like you are having a bunch of out-of-band events.

Yes we have had a few dips, flickering of lights have gotten better if not disappeared fully with this cold weather. No major dips in Sept so far, concerned about the quality as we go through a lot of LED/halogen light bulbs (more than normal - e.g. every few months and none are left on all the time) as well as lower voltages results in higher amp/current draw creating a bigger utility bill.