Relay Power Switch for dual kitchen appliance on single outlet

I know what you mean, I drink a good amount of tea and can’t imagine a dual-use device could ever work unless there are separated water paths. I’m also particular about the water vessel and pretty much can only tolerate stainless steel (plastic is nasty; non-stick surfaces break down). Have you considered something like a low-wattage (boil + standby), well insulated boiler?

Check the Zojirushi CD-WHC40

Seems good for an office given the large-ish capacity. And cheaper than a proper PDU!

Nice specs:

Now of course the question is whether the Keurig leaves you with enough watts?
They don’t (go figure) seem to publish the wattage! That’s what Sense is for (thanks @samwooly1):

So apart from the initial 1500W boil, the 245W element should work alongside the Zojirushi.
Of course, it’s an office so it’s not perfect but with the low standby of the Zojirushi, if you got that to boil first thing or anytime after the Keurig startup then you should be safe.

Kinda loving this problem and waiting for somebody to chime in with an obvious solution.

I had a work period where a microwave was the only way to make tea btw. PITA, but it worked.

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