Report for how many hours a device has run

Hi folks, I wanted to suggest an option to the Usage, or Trends, or Reporting, that we could pull that would tell me how long a device was on for.

I ask because a buddy (who doesn’t have a Sense device) has a Trane smart thermostat that tells him how long his AC has run recently. I don’t have a good way of comparing that to his 12-15hrs of run time with Sense.

I know the device detection isn’t 100% anyway, and it seems like if the AC runs for more than 4-5 hours, Sense forgets that the AC is still on so it lumps that 2500W into Other.

Anyway, I’d like to be able to toggle/see a number of hours run for any device, maybe on the Trend page or the device page, instead of just the kW used or money cost.



I like this potential enhancement. I’ve been trying to do the same thing for comparison between my Sense and my Ecobee, especially for my upstairs AC unit that runs the most frequently. I’m doing the reverse - summing up my Ecobee hourly cooling runtime, then multiplying by the rough power consumption of my compressor (2500W) so I can compare “usage”. I found that Sense does indeed “lose” detections for multi-hour compressor runs. Some of these “dropped detections” might be do to misreading an off-signature from my downstairs compressor turning off, though it’s hard to diagnose exactly.

Would be a nice feature.

I see issues for some devices like my mini-split … which is running “all the time” but often at low, and certainly very variable, wattage.

Here’s July. I have a Sense dedicated to it and also have the solar CTs on the same wires – hence the funky color.

So far this month 187.9 kWh ==> 290 watts average ~= 2 humans and an old lightbulb!

At a COP of 5.57 that’s 1,615 wh of cooling on average or 5,510 BTU … which matches the 6 kBTU spec quite well.

(The near-zero wattage on the 23rd is actually around 3 watts … it went into no operation because I had mistakenly put it on heat mode while it was 90F+ outside!)

Everything in the future is going to be always on. Sigh.

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