Sense detection of the sense unit

Just installed the device. I live on a rural property and am interested in watching the power quality and my solar production- I was wondering if the sense unit will detect itself and will it show up in a bubble? I assume the draw by the device may not allow it to show up. Just wondering. By the way was VERY easy to install.

Hey there - welcome to the Sense community. I’m glad to hear installation was easy on your end.
Sense power consumption is relatively low at around ~4W, so it won’t be detected/show up as a bubble. Typically, things that operate under ~40W are ideal for smart plugs.

I’ve linked more information on smart plugs we’re compatible with and additional integrations from our new user document below. It’s a great resource as you’re getting started.

thank you for the info. I do not use smart plugs (at this time) I actually have 2 x 200A panels with solar feeding into each. I could not use the spit 400A feature. I will need to get a 2nd sense for that panel. I have read that there is no way to merge the data from the 2 for the same electrical system (wish list) and I have a automatic standby generator. Will work on options for all of that over time. The main thing is power quality and hopefully I will be able to utilize detection of my sump pump, my submersible pump and garage doors. Will be able to set up notifications for those … fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I have two Sense units - I use one for my 400A service and solar and a second for a couple of 240V devices on DCM. I merge data from both of them via Sense export… Very possible if you know Excel.

I guess it would be easy to toggle between the 2 accts - I would probably have to use a different email addy. I will see how this one does. I do like the idea of exporting and merging data on excel. good winter project

AFIK, Sense will never show up. And since it only draws a few watts the only virtue of having it there would be to see it’s ON…which is already pretty obvious through the applications.

Good luck with your device detection. My unit is good for power mains and solar, but not much else

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