Devices on KASA Smart Switches, Cameras and Plugs

I recently had setup several KASA Smart Switches, Cameras and Plugs. Sense has identified a couple of my devices. When I turn these devices on and off they appear as “OTHER”. I have tried to name them, but have been unable to make the change. Have I missed something or is there a way to correctly identify them?

@bmarcella1948 , the Sense Kasa integration only “detects” devices on a select subset of Kasa smart plugs - those that have built-in power monitoring. The list is here.

So Kasa cameras, switches and non-power-aware smartplugs can show up as part of Other.

You can do a lot with one or two Kasa smart plugs that work with the integration. Ideas on how to use them here:

Thanks for the information. So, I’m I to understand after a Smart Plug detects a device I can move that plug to another device. The device will still be detected and monitored by Sense after it is disconnected from the plug. The plug will then work to detect the new device.

@bmarcella1948 ,

No - You might want to read my suggestions on using Roamer smart plugs again. The goal is to use the Roamer(s) so you understand the behavior of each device you plug it into. The captured Sense power waveform for that device over a 48 hour period will tell you:

  • The dynamic power usage of that device - from lowest usage to highest usage
  • The Always On power usage of that device

Once you know these two rough values, you can make smarter decisions about how to use Sense and know where smart plugs will give you the greatest benefit.

BTW - Sense does have an integration with a number of Wiser smart switches, smart plugs and dimmers, but I hesitate to mention those since there are still some bugs being worked out.

The power usage from the Kasa plug is directly sent to the sense meter and the name is brought from the label. If the device is found by sense while it’s connected to the plug… it’s a coincidence. Sense doesn’t use the Kasa plug’s data to learn.