Washer on a Kasa Smart Plug, but detected again as a separate device.

Recently put my Washing Machine on a Kasa Smart plug. About a 2 weeks later, a new “unknown” device was detected. So as usual, I set an alert to let me know when the device turned on. Now, I’ve tracked down that the new device is also my washer. So now I have the Washer on my Kasa smart plug - but also a second washer that is detected as a device outside of my Kasa smart plug.

How could this be? Shouldn’t Sense know that all the power originating from this one plug should be attributed to it?

@gjhead, Sense generally tries not to discover things that are already on a smartplug, but sometimes it can’t help itself, especially if the transitions it discovers are only a subcomponent of the full device on the smart plug. Easy to fix… See the part about setting “What’s Plugged In ?”

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Adding to @kevin1’s details above … if you spend any time here in the forum or looking at Sense waveforms and detections you might eventually find the smart plug device “detection” + Sense-native-detected listing a bonus because you can verify how well the native detection is doing.

Certainly the device component detection that Sense is capable of can be a bonus compared to the circuit-level tracking that a smart plug is doing. Added to that, you can, for example, have multiple devices plugged into a single smart plug if you use a power strip. Sense-native detection in this case is giving you data that the smart plug can’t.

I’ve recently been seeing the same issue. I have my furnace on a TP-Link Kasa plug and its been collecting data for months now and over the past month it keeps trying to detect it again but the numbers are slightly lower than the numbers coming from the smart plug. I have to delete it almost weekly to keep it off so i dont see it twice on the bubble screen. Ive also started noticing that my oven is starting to show up as the dryer so thats another issue.

All of my 240 heat devise ha e been conflated terribly for months now. It’s aggravating as Sense should learn better over time and should never lose what’s its learned the way I see it.
Haven’t tried deleting all of them yet and starting over on them but I may now do that since I now see your also having the same issues.
So I still get to see what resistance elements are using, I just have to add them all together and I lose the ability to see their individual use.

You could take the out of changing “What’s Plugged in ?”, rather than deleting the detected device. That should prevent the double counting/double bubble, as well.