Sense is not the product I expected it to be


I think the ability of this device to learn what is being used in my house was GROSSLY over exaggerated. I feel that you have no solutions to the actual problems but only request constant problem reporting and device hunting from me to hopefully, eventually, maybe have a better operating system.

I am 2 weeks into using this item and owned it for a year before it was installed. So. I can only imagine how people who have had this in use for 1 or 2 years already are feeling.

I have solar with an app that tells my power used vs power consumed and it is giving me the same information that the Sense device can because the sense device, in my experience, has no real idea what is turning on when or giving me the specifics that were promised.

Very disappointed

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2 weeks isn’t very long for sense to learn much. Give it some more time and you’ll see more detections. Why did you wait 1 year to install it?

I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ve been using Sense for about 3 weeks and I’ve been pretty happy with it. It’s detected most of my major appliances.

I also noticed a weird pattern a couple of nights ago and figured out I was having a problem with my AC unit. It kept turning on and off all night instead of running like it should. I probably would have noticed at some point, but thanks to Sense I noticed it pretty much right away.

2 weeks is long enough to see that it is not recognizing the most used, largest products in my home and that it senses an item and then says its running when its not or not running when it is. Or senses an item and then attributes another item running to the device its already distinguished and labeled. Also that items its found and have been labeled often times end up in the “other” category when running.

Again, not what was advertised or expected. Not usefull for anything other than power in/power used which I already have from my solar app.

And its funny you say 2 weeks isnt a long time when I see these same exact complaints in the community from people 1 and 2 years in already.

I waited a year to install so my solar install was completed.

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I’m sorry that you feel the way that you do but I don’t think you’ve given sense enough time for device discovery. They actually have a 60 day return policy to give people enough time to try sense, 2 weeks just isn’t enough.

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Your expecting too much too soon. While I do agree that they could make things much more clear in the marketing, I wouldn’t say it’s “grossly exaggerated”.
Everything they do state is “possible”. But, not in every home and even in the homes it is, the time it can take isn’t explained well enough.
It’s tough to ha e patience, especially when you read and see the marketing and what is shown for the possibilities.
Give it more time, two weeks is really no time at all.

As others have noted, two weeks is a very short period of time. We offer a 60-day return policy for that very reason. Sense needs to see a lot of device cycles, because your devices look different depending on other devices running concurrently. This blog post discusses the challenge in some more depth and is worth reading.

I know it’s too late for your case now, but for the benefit of others who may be reading: Even if you purchase Sense Solar before you actually have your solar system installed, you can still install Sense and then install the solar sensors down the line. They do not need to be installed together.


Keep in mind @sattea76
You might have the detections you are seeking on the verge of showing up right now. Sense seems to have stages in the background where it keeps potential detections until it’s more sure of the accuracy before it presents them. Take today for me, I had four detections today. When the days populated, there was a lot more history than today. Some going back weeks. That shows Sense has been minoring and knew about these devices for some time before telling me about it.
I’ve somewhat been where you are now. I urge you to give it time and see how you feel weeks from now.
Feel free to PM me anytime

I concur with others, 2 weeks is WAY too little time for the expectations you are aiming for. The very nature of the device means it has to learn, and this sort of learning by it’s very nature takes time.

Give it another month or two and I think you’ll be happier.

the sense box learns a lot of devices but don’t expect it to find everything. I’ve had mine for 2 years and many devices it still hasn’t found. The sense will also display devices incorrectly all the time probably because the electronic signature is so similar it just can’t tell them apart. The total power consumed is probably correct even if devices aren’t labeled correctly so that is a good thing. The cost per kw display is basically useless since there is no way in the sense app to apply kw costs with any accuracy. The developers refuse to create a simple 24/7 cost grid so we can input a closer average of our kw cost per hour. I like the box for one thing it tells me total power being used when I log into it even if the devices are defined correctly or at all. I still recommend the sense box but it needs improvement and maybe in the next version it will be better.

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So I have has the sense for a little over a year and one of the things that I have noticed about “machine learning” is that it takes a very long time. I think that my expectations are not anywhere as close to real world situations and for the time being it is nothing more than a glorified wemo.

Assuming your issue is slow or no device detection, you may want to look through the Device Detection category and post a question there.

Support, in my experience, will be responsive if you can be more specific about what your issues are. It may be fairly straightforward.