Sense message energy usage last month

So today I get this message:

Screenshot from 2024-07-01 14-53-37

Lets see:

871.3/665.5 = 1.309 so indeed roughly 31% more used

But these are the real numbers derived from the meter readings I keep track of every day:

June 2023:
To Grid: 1541 kWh
From Grid: 303 kWh
Net Surplus: 1238 kWh (put into the grid)

June 2024:
To Grid: 1988 kWh
From Grid: 462 kWh
Net Surplus: 1526 kWh (put into the grid)

To Grid: +29%
From Grid: +52%
Net surplus: +23%

Sense also measures the Solar and more PV was put into the grid then last year.
So my bill is LESS , not MORE than last year.

Devil is in the details but I think Sense should pay more attention to the details in this case.