Sense monitor limited to 40kW (165A) maximum?



Last weekend, when I had two electric cars charging, plus a few other things like the electric tumble dryer running at the same time, the Sense monitor seemed to be unable to measure it correctly. It reported 39.8kW (about 165A), whereas the PG&E meter was saying 46.7kW (about 195A). That’s a discrepancy of about 30A. I thought the Sense monitor was supposed to work up to 200A.


Does the PG&E meter match sense below, say 150A?

Do you have 400A service to your house? If only 200A, I’m impressed you’re able to get that close to the limit without issues.


Below 40kW it does seem to match okay. And, yes, I do have 400A service. (Big house, two air conditioners, two electric cars, pool equipment, 5kW electric tumble dryer, and an 11kW solar panel system made 400A service required by building code, though in reality I suspect I’ll never go over 200A in normal usage.)

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