Smart Plug - On/Off setting

I recently installed a Wiser Square D plug to help identify power usage of my home office workstation. With this switch, the two plugs behave differently; the top plug is controlled by the smart switch and the bottom is always on. On the bottom plug I have a battery UPS plugged in, which powers the computer and mesh AP. The top plug is connected to a power strip that supplies the monitors, speakers, and other accessories. I mention all of this because details matter :slight_smile:

When the plug is turned off, Sense no longer records the power consumption of the bottom (always on) plug, even though the Schneider app does. In general, when a smart switch is off, it’s never really off and in this case actually powers something else. It would be great to continue to observe total plug consumption in Sense, to observe total metrics and cost of power used on that plug, including estimated standby use (when nothing is plugged into the outlet).

Hi @DigitalKen - I would recommend reaching out to Wiser / Square D support about this issue. I’ll check with some folks on our end but I believe that’s where they’ll direct you to.

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