Solar Accuracy is off pretty bad

After setting up sense and getting readings on the Solar breaker and Main feed, I figured all was well.

A few weeks later I got the idea to compare weekly Solar production from Sense vs what my inverters are actually producing. I have Enphase inverters, which send data to the cloud which can be accessed via a nice web interface, allowing me to see the data any possible way you can imagine, down to 5 minute intervals for each inverter.

When I take a week at a time, Sense is showing about 60 kwh less per week than what the inverters are reporting. I didn’t expect them to match, but this seems like a substantial difference. Is there a way to make this more accurate?

I’m wondering if I got the CT sensors on wrong or something.

Hi Don,
Most of us with different solar systems are pretty confident that OEM inverter readings inflate production by 3-5%. I have a solaredge inverter and this is the case, others I’ve read here with enphase report similar findings. You’d have to be producing a ton of power to fall in that % error at - 60kwh though.

If there is a way to check through your utility meter - start there. Your monthly utility readings would also be a good reference. If you need help, let me know. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at my meters and providing feedback to Sense to make sure the readings are accurate to within 1%.

If you’re still convinced you’re way off, post some images of your setup and maybe some screen shots of your daily power graph (line, not bar), and we can try to troubleshoot.


Don’t know the size of your system so no clue if 60 kwh is significant or not over a weeks time. I find that since they did a fix a month or so ago that Sense is very close to the billing meter that I have to report SREC production.

It’s pretty significant, about 20%.

Wow that is huge. When it is running do you see the same output from solar on both legs? Perhaps one of the CT’s is partly open? Seems strange as mine is almost dead on.

That is a lot! Accuracy should be within about 1%.

Have you tried reaching out to our support team at They’ll be able to take a closer look.

My solar accuracy was 5-6% for about 6 months before June 3rd. After June 3rd it got to less than 1% for June and July. I remember reading there was a fix and it worked for me.

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Yes! That does coincide with a solar calibration fix that went out at the beginning of June.

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My solar seems fairly accurate. I wish it would go to zero though. Any reason it doesn’t?

This sounds like improper calibration, depending on how close to zero it’s getting.

I’m usually hovering about 0 to (-)5 after sunset.

What values are you seeing after dark? Do you have a standalone inverter or microinverters? Line or load side solar?

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