Solar Panels and Home Owners Insurance - read your 2020 updates!

I’m not sure where to post this and it isn’t specifically Sense related except for the knowledge I have of my usage.

State Farm’s 2020 updates to their home owners policy exclude solar panels that are producing more than 125% of the homes usage. I’m in Texas and don’t know if it’s different elsewhere.

I designed my system to produce 120% of my usage - with five adults in the house, planning for the eventual degradation of the system. Four years later, just me full time, no indoor pets any more and my Sense unit - my production is close to doubling my usage. I’m angry and frustrated at being penalized for being efficient, but the real reason for my post is to try to find out if others are dealing with this and looking for ideas on how to insure my panels.

If this is too far off topic, just let me know. I trust the members here and am not on any solar panel forums.

Have you tried farm bureau insurance? Don’t let the name scare you away. I don’t have a farm but use Kentucky farm bureau.
I’m able to get a policy from them that covers what others don’t.

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Thanks! I’ll check them out. I do have a farm :slight_smile: so they may be a good fit all the way around.