Speed Queen Washer (ATEE9AGP173TWO1)

Make: Speed Queen
Model: Commercial Heavy Duty Washer (ATEE9AGP173TWO1, this part number is for the washer and electric dryer stacked unit)
How identified: Smart plug (TP-Link HS110)

Additional Comments: uses 10 W while on standby to run a few hours later

Power Specs: 115 V, 60 Hz, 0.9 HP motor

Detailed View: First one is a full cold wash cycle:

Next is a detailed view of the start of the cycle. The drum rotates and then stops, and repeats. Power probably increases as more water enters the drum:

And these are the last 10 min of the cycle, with the centrifuge part:

Daily View: four cold washing cycles on a given day

Waveform Source. Device Power Meter

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