TOU rate zone aliasing and reporting

Thank you for adding the Time Of Use rate billing and electricity cost feature.

The method for adding the TOU zones required that I add 16 different zones to cover my PG&E EV-A rate plan. (The method to define these could have been easier, though the 20 minutes it took to enter this in wasn’t too bad.) This plan has {off-peak, part-peak, peak} time periods, that are different between {weekdays, weekends}, and where the rates are different between {summer, winter}. Ideally I’d be able to define a 16:3 mapping of the 16 necessary zones to describe this TOU rate plan down to the 3 primary time of uses {off-peak, part-peak, peak}.

Next, on the Solar Usage metric page of the app, I wish that the {Production, Usage, To grid, From grid, Powered by solar, Net production} metrics ({kWh, $, %}) had additional columns for each of the new TOU aliased zones (so {off-peak, part-peak, peak} in my example above). Something similar for the main Usage metric page would be useful too. This kind of additional info, broken out for each of the new TOU aliased zones, would help time-shift electricity usage to lower rate TOU periods of time, and help grid stability.

One more enhancement could be updating the “day” graphs under Trends (both {usage, solar}) so that the different TOU aliased zones are depicted as shaded regions of the background. (This would also help confirm that the full set of TOU zones covers all hours of all days.)

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