Tracking Multiple Solar PV Arrays


I have two separate solar PV arrays with separate inverters that get combined in a junction box before being sent to the power company’s Gross Production Meter. Basically, the junction box with two DP breakers is being run backward to function as a combiner.

I’ve connected my Sense to the common feed to the junction box so that Sense sees the total solar production. It seems as though this is confusing Sense. I don’t know why it would - current is current. Maybe I’m the one who is confused?

Any thoughts?


Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the app, and, if you have panel access, a shot of your solar sensors in your panel?


Are the two inverters the same model?


FYI I also have solar with 2 inverters. It might be a bit different than your common connection. In my case each inverter is connected to its own DP breaker. I ran the wires coming from each leg on each inverter through the current probes and it works just fine. Make sure you get the sensors oriented correctly or it won’t add the 2 together.