Understanding the Sense real time display


So real quick:


In the picture above my solar system is generating 7226 watts and I am using 936 watts.

With the CT’s on my solar, and the CT’s directly on the incoming line (before the meter)… how is this even possible?

Shouldn’t I be using -6290 watts? because that’s difference between what i’m using and pushing to the electric company for profit…

is Sense doing the math behind this and showing me that I am currently generating 7226, and since i’m pushing 6290, It shows that i’m using 936 or is sense just wrong?


That’s right… Sense does the math behind the scenes. It sees you pushing 6290W onto the grid and generating 7226W via the CTs and voltage measurements. Total Usage is actually how much power/energy your house is using, independent of your solar production.


My system isn’t working that way. My solar system produces more than my consumption during the day. The solar production feeds into a breaker in the main panel so my main monitor measures the net power flow in or out. When I look at the two graphs of solar and net usage they track each other exactly. So the net usage is actually the difference between the two graphs. Is there something wrong with my system setup?


Here is a copy of what I’m talking about.


@ggould Yeah, that’s not looking right - I would check and make sure your C/Ts are properly placed and if they are - contact support.