Unknown feature: Noise filter increased device detection

I found something very peculiar. I recently installed a whole house commercial grade surge protection which has noise filtering and frequency filtering.

Within 24 hrs of installing it Sense detected 7 new devices all of a sudden.

Thought of sharing

Device installed:
240V Split Phase SPD
Manufacture: Meter Treater
SPD: 100kA/phase + Freq/Noise protection.
Type: 1 or 2


Reducing the noise from the line(feeder service) would make it easier for sense to detect devices.

You’re in the interesting position of being able to look at the Power Meter before and after the filter was added. But the filter may have removed higher order 60Hz harmonics that wouldn’t be directly visible in the Power Meter.

Thanks for sharing. The data science team would love to take a closer look. Are you ok with us taking a look at your data? And when exactly was the system installed?

Model: RCHW80/120-SP-F-1 manufactured by Meter Treater
My friend at work also owns and uses your product. He also told me he saw an improvement in detection.

In either case the surge protector is connected in the main electrical panel thru a 2 pole 30A (min) circuit breaker. Commonly called as Type II SPD. The model however can be Type I or Type II.

Go ahead. No problem. Happy to help. About 2 or 2.5 months back was installed.

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Excellent. Thanks!

@baivab.mitra, I looked at that device via the link you provided; I wonder how it compares to the products by Delta Lightning Arrestors? I have a lightning arrestor and surge capacitor installed, both from Delta.

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Hey - never heard back on this. What’s up?

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Sorry about that! They took a look and they’re thinking the timing was just coincidental, a result of normal model updates. That said, noise reduction at the mains can theoretically help, but the biggest source of “noise” is interference between devices and not line noise.

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@RyanAtSense if support says the noise is between devices is there any way to determine which devices and is there any info on how to filter out the noise ?

I’m referring to noise here mostly in the conceptual sense, thus the " " in that last comment. Masking is a pretty good example: if you have some 10kW resistive heat source currently running, Sense may have trouble picking out a small 1kW heat source at the same time, even if it has been previously detected.